Index for Inclusion

Index for Inclusion: developing learning and participation in schools

 The third edition of the Index for Inclusion, substantially revised and expanded by Tony Booth. This is a values-based resource for school self-evaluation and improvement.  It draws together interventions in education to do with environmental sustainability, global citizenship, community building, health promotion, values, rights and non-violence.  It provides a detailed outline of a new curriculum for schools, which reflects children’s experiences and futures and is relevant to young people’s lives in any part of the world.

The Index is an accessible, flexible and practical resource.  It encourages the whole school community to work together in reviewing all aspects of cultures, policies and practices in their school.  It helps schools to: put their own framework of values into action; carry out a thorough self-evaluation; produce a detailed school improvement plan; minimise barriers to learning and participation; empower adults and children to voice their ideas; and present to governors and inspectors a clear rationale for development.