Classroom Rule Ideas

Classroom Rule Ideas

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Classroom rules are different from classroom procedures. The rules define the way the class interacts and defines a classroom culture. However, creating these classroom rules can be daunting for an elementary teacher. Some basic rules can be used in any elementary classroom and can work together to create a positive classroom environment.

1.      How to Treat Others

o        The idea of treating others as you would want to be treated is often assumed or taken for granted in a classroom. However, if it were taken seriously, many problems would be avoided. When problems between students occur, come back to this rule. If it is broken, then a true apology is due. Make sure this part is explained with the rule.

Come Prepared

o        Students should come to school each day ready to learn. This includes having homework completed and all school supplies in the backpack. If for some reason a student doesn’t have these things, it is her responsibility to solve the problem. She has to find the supplies she needs or miss out on possible homework points.

Best of Your Ability

o        All students must strive to do everything to the best of their ability. We cannot all be good at everything, but we need to try our best at everything. Students need to understand that complaining or whining does not count as trying. Trying your best means making multiple efforts, seeking help when needed and asking questions.

Classroom Respect

o        Students must treat the classroom like they would their home and the things in their home. The furniture and supplies need to be treated with respect. This means when students make messes, they clean them up. Students do not rely on the school janitor to clean up after them. The goal is to make the janitor’s job as minimal as possible. You can supply your classroom with small brooms and dust pans, and baby wipes to clean table tops. Each day, time should be devoted to tiding the classroom and once a week students should clean the classroom.

Help Each Other

o        Students need to help each other. The classroom should be a place where people are constantly interacting with one another. When someone doesn’t understand or can’t find something, help them.

Extra Tips

o        With each rule, discuss what it means. Then give a descriptive example of the rule and what it looks like when students are following the rule. Next have students act out the proper way to follow the rule and then the improper way to follow the rule. Finally, make sure to enforce the rules and catch students following the rules.


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